Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is a combination of many useful tools. Download the file and put it in HeroesOfNewerth/game/ folder.

-Adds the DotA names for items below their HoN name.
-Increases the size of Tower health bars
-An extension of Bard's Missing/Returned Mod that moves the buttons to the right of the minimap and adds 3 new buttons for warning teammates to move back or push the respective lanes
-Improves the display of buffs and debuffs by showing the remaining time similar to abilities
-Adds a button to the community panel interface with a few useful buttons to displays things like your FPS or Ping
-Displays a player's stats when you hover over their name
-Changes the friendly/enemy colors to white and red from green and red
-Adds an additional style for the allied hero display in the upper left corner. Toggle between none, the default and Bard's custom style
-A scoreboard mod that makes the scoreboard more compact while still displaying all useful information
-Allows you to filter games by pings or based on 'Brasil' being in the game name
-Adds a music button to "The Useless Button" mod.
-Increases the brightness of the targeting cursor
-Adds a disconnect button that appears when the world tree or shrine dies
-Adds Hero Health and Mana as a percentage above their health bars.
-Allows you to filter players in the game lobby based on their PSR. You can add exceptions to your limits as well
-Adds boxes that slide onto the screen when an ally talks. The boxes are color coded and have the player and hero names
-Adds a button that lists your hero picks in Single Draft mode
-A super customizable interface mod by Barter
-Changes the size of the in-game text
-Adds a small encyclopedia window to the Clan & Community Panel allowing you to quickly access detailed information about heroes, items and chat terms anywhere in the game
-A simple mod that allows you to close notifications by right clicking them



Thursday, September 3, 2009

Changes g_camDistanceMax to 2200 from 1650 so you can zoom out further to see more. Doesn't require reloading between games.

To use it start HoN then run injector.exe at any point. It should exit straight away. When in game you should be able to zoom out further (note you have to manually zoom out by scrolling, it's not automatically zoomed out). Vista users run as an administrator.

Source code included.

Credits go to Identify.

Download: IncreasedCamDistance - Speedyshare